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This adventure into the world of Greek Food began on March 25th 2011, when two brothers opened the doors of Pita Press, ready to welcome guests and future friends. In reality the journey started long ago when as children they grew up playing amongst the cooks in their parents restaurants. Always been intrigued by the tastes and aromas of the old country, always trying the old recipes made like new again.

The basic idea behind Pita press was to create simple honest Mediterranean fare from the best available ingredients but with a modern touch in a fast pace, convenient setting. The store on Cedar Street in Manhattan’s Financial District is designed efficiently as a clean well put together kitchen, very much like the one the two brothers grew up in under their mother’s watchful eye. With ingredient from the local markets as well as some flown in from Greece, Jerry and Telly strived to create a menu featuring traditional sliced meats served on freshly baked pita flat breads, mouth watering pastries, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches and plenty of vegetarian options.

Wild mountain greens are blanched and then drizzled with fresh lemon juice and Greek olive oil Spinach with plenty of Greek feta slowly baked to produce homemade spanakopita and chicken marinated for hours before skewered and grilled to perfection every day.

So welcome, to our house, whether for a flax seed smoothie after work, a chopped tomato salad over burley rusk for lunch or a warm slice of freshly baked pie to enjoy on the ride home, you are always welcome friends, for an authentic bite of the Mediterranean at Pita Press.